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Joining an LGBT sports team is one of the easiest ways to meet people and build a group of friends. Regardless of your athletic ability, there is a team that will be a match and welcome you. Meet Downtown Swim Club: founded in 1987, we provide a positive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ2S+ and allies Masters swimmers in Toronto. We welcome new swimmers year round!

a team For everyone

Former varsity, elite or even Olympic swimmers looking to get back into swimming? We have a few of those and we actively compete in Masters swim meets. Whether your event is 50 fly, 1500 free, or anything in between, our coaches deliver high performance workouts at great facilities throughout the year that will help you excel at swim meets.

DSC welcomes and caters to a growing contingent of distance swimmers. We tailor practices to suit your needs, though you may have to do the odd non-freestyle here and there. We practice year-round and especially place emphasis during the summer, when we have one additional long course practice and one extra open water practice.

Looking to refine your technique or to stay in shape? DSC is for you! Many of our members never had any formal training and quickly gained proper form, speed and endurance after joining. We have coaches who specialize in stroke development and come to practices with carefully designed workouts that you won't find during a public swim!


The Downtown Swim Club hires expert coaches, each of whom comes prepared with different workouts to every practice to improve your speed, technique and endurance. Many of our swimmers compete in Masters swim meets and/or open water swims, while many others swim to stay fit and make community. We have access to premium facilities, including a long-course pool for the 1.5-hour Saturday practice.


Outside of swim practices, members of the Downtown Swim Club have formed a tightly knitted community. Whether team members are going for meals after practices, gathering for a social event, or traveling together to a swim meet, there is a sense of camaraderie.

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