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  1. To provide a positive and welcoming environment in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, straight friendly (LGBT) communities for swimming activities

  2. To provide a balanced and welcoming swimming program, appealing equally to men and women, recreational, fitness and competitive swimmers, and providing both exercise and social activities
  3. To Enhance the swimming experience of its members and thereby expand participation in masters swimming and to perpetuate life-long adult fitness through swimming by:
    • Promoting swimming as a means of healthful exercise
    • Providing opportunities for fellowship and camaraderie
    • Encouraging training for fitness and competition
    • Building educational resources
    • Communicating effectively
  4. To enhance public awareness and support of masters swimming
  5. To provide an environment fostering improved competitive skills for those interested in masters swim competition
  6. To provide outreach to other masters swimming organizations and to other LGBT organizations, leagues, teams and groups that are involved in a recreational or competitive sport

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