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Best Practices

  • Feet-first entry into the pool at the start of practice
  • NO DIVING in city pools, the shallow end of any pool or into a lane crowded with other swimmers
  • Limit diving unless instructed by the coach as part of the practice 
  • Don't clear your nose or throat in the pool
  • Don't hang off or climb on the lane ropes - it can damage them
  • Don't hang off the diving board
  • Select a lane that suits your speed, even if you can't complete the sets (take more rest).

  • If your lane is crowded, the fastest swimmer should move up a lane for the session.
  • If you are consistently the fastest or slowest in your lane, move up or down a lane.
  • The coach's workout rules. If you cannot consistently keep the pace that the coach has assigned your lane, do not lead the lane! Do not introduce extra rest or cut the rest time that the coach has assigned.
  • Swim in order of speed - e.g. fastest backstroker may be slowest in breast, or longer distance.
  • Leave 5 or 10 seconds between swimmers to avoid crowding, allow for turns and track your time.
  • If you want to pass the swimmer in front of you, touch his/her foot 10m before the turn.
  • If the swimmer behind you touches your foot, let him/her pass at the next turn.


    • Never crowd the wall of the adjacent lane - leave their space clear.
    • When turning, push off the return side of the lane to avoid on-coming swimmers.
    • Swim in straight lines by following the line on the pool bottom, or the ceiling tiles.
    • When at the wall, move over! Leave the end of the lane open for swimmers to turn or finish.
    • If you skip a set to rest, sit out on the deck; don't hang onto the wall if that would obstruct other swimmers.
    • If you join a lane after the workout has started, make your presence known. Unexpected newcomers can cause collisions.
    • If you arrive late, tailor your warm-up so you don't impede swimmers doing the workout.
    • If you are not following the workout, defer to swimmers who are.


      • A clean, opaque swim suit is the only requirement for swimming attire.


        • Help out! Bring out or put away the lane ropes, kick boards, pull buoys and backstroke flags. 


        • Helping out is not simply something to implement at practice, the day to day operations of the club will benefit and flourish with every club members contribution.
        • Please know that the Downtown Swim Club is a volunteer organization and members may be asked to volunteer time as part of their Club Membership.

        Without a spirit of volunteerism the Downtown Swim Club would fail to exist.


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